Saturday, April 14, 2012

MOPMINI Spill kits 30 Pounds of Pickup in Your Palm.

New MOPMINI Gaining Traction in the Market

MOP is scheduled to roll out three new MOPMINI spill kits over the next 3 quarters. MOP 301 - I (land and hard surface optimized) in Q2, MOP 201 (water optimized) Q3 and MOP 401 - (Universal Sorbent) in Q4. We will advance production if demand permits us to do so responsibly. Roll out will mirror production of the 30lb pickup consumer box for the same sorbent. Marketing efforts will focus on businesses that state and federal regulations require maintain vehicles with Spill Kits on Board. Marketing will focus on retailers and retail distributors for the MOP 30lb Oil Pickup Box.

"Our MOPMINI Spillkit will retail at less than 1/2 the cost of any budget spillkit on the market (Recommended retail cost $19.99) - but just as important," said CEO Wayne King,"it will be the perfect fit for vehicles that are already tight for extra space - essentially fitting in a hand at 7 inches cubed, while boasting 30lbs of pickup.

"There's been a lot of grumbling out there," said King, "that spill kits take up too much space in vehicles that are already overtaxed for space. We believe that utility vehicles and emergency vehicles should have a spill kit on board, but the cost shouldn't break the community and the kit should fit easily into a nook or cranny within the vehicle. The MOPMINI does just that.

MOP will begin marketing of the Kit most likely to be in demand our land-optimized 301-I kit with direct marketing to communities, utility companies and other businesses with a demonstrated need. MOP is also looking to its friends and supporters - what they term their "Stewardship Team" to help spread the word using Social Media, alerting their local police and fire departments, utility companies and retail auto and hardware stores as well as general retailers who now carry non-recyclable clay-based products."We're going nose to nose with the producers of clay - the silent menace to groundwater," said King. MOP sorbents are 100% recycled and 100% biodegradable. We intend to make sure that consumers know that using clay-based products to clean up oil spills requires treatment of the oil-soaked clay as a hazardous waste. Where the usage of MOP products are the safest for our environment and can be disposed as you would a paper towel or a leaf because our product biodegrades the oil and is itself biodegradable."

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