Sunday, October 9, 2011

MOP VP Clarifies Statement to Media Regarding MOP Sales

As you know, not everything that is reported in the media is reported exactly as stated. In a recent news article, gleaned from 3 separate interviews and other stories already in the news, the reporter stated that MOP had one million in sales. I believe that I was clear in my statement that we anticipated sales in the range of one million dollars this year but it is easily understood why a reporter would simplify such a statement to make it a simple declaratory statement of fact. I apologize to anyone who felt that MOP - through me - was misrepresenting past sales, it was not intended, though it is quite possible that I was not clear enough in my statement. With three and 1/2 months remaining in the calendar year, based on on-going dialogue with prospective buyers and sales that are in some stage of closing, I continue to believe that we will see MOP sales in the range of one million dollars. In fact if all of the sales currently under negotiation were to come to fruition the results will be considerably north of that amount, though I caution shareholders and others to recognize that a 100% closing ratio is a lot like a 1000 batting average and the likelihood of getting a hit every time you step up to the plate is slim.

Wayne D. King
October 9, 2011

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