Wednesday, April 7, 2010

MOP Environmental Offers Green Oil Spill Kit for Boaters

Kit includes Skimmer to Keep Gas and Oil out of Public Waters

Bath, New Hampshire

MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. (MOPN-pk) CEO, Charles Diamond today announced a new, affordably priced, Oil Spill Prevention Kit made especially for recreational boaters concerned about protecting the environment. The kit, includes a bilge skimmer (also offered separately) that is placed into the boat’s bilge. The skimmer immediately absorbs oil or gasoline assuring that the water from the boat’s bilge will not in any way threaten the purity of the public waterways.

The Spill Prevention Kit utilizes MOP® Maximum Oil Pickup, the company’s patented "green" (environmentally sustainable) sorbent as the key component in a range of products including socks, pillows and the bilge skimmer. Made using renewable hydroelectric energy, entirely of recycled and organic materials MOP® Maximum Oil Pickup is the only "cradle to cradle" green product on the market. "Unlike many other green products, however," said President Charles Diamond, "MOP® also has a competitive advantage on both price and performance in the market." MOP's sorbent aggressively absorbs gas and oil while repelling water completely. With a pickup ratio at, or approaching, 30-1, MOP® is the most effective oil sorbent available anywhere.

Diamond continued, "We personally believe that other non-biodegradable spill sorbents such as clay and polypropylene should be banned from the market because they represent an irresponsible and unnecessary risk to the environment, particularly when it comes to disposal. Where MOP can be land farmed, composted, or even disposed as a solid waste, both clay and polypropylene almost always have to be treated as hazardous waste, adding huge costs to the products in the disposal process."

Refills Also Available
In addition to the environmentally friendly Spill Prevention Kits, MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. has also released a new set of refills for all their Spill Prevention and Cleanup Kits. "We are exceedingly proud of the fact that we now offer refills for all of our spill prevention and cleanup kits, allowing us to refill only the consumable items at a substantially reduced cost to both the consumer and the environment .

MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. (MOPN) is a publicly traded company. Their website is


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